CRM App Walkthrough

Updated :

Wow, this was a huge undertaking!

Over the last few years, we’ve received numerous requests to build an app version of our CRM system. We are happy to announce: it’s finally here 🥳

We’ve built in all the major functionalities the desktop version has.

Here’s all the stuff you can now do directly from the app:

📞 call your leads

💬 send emails and text messages

📝 create tasks

🏷 tag your leads

⚙️ update pipeline statuses and lead source

➕ add new leads

🎚 sort your leads based on existing filters

📥 assign drip campaigns.

🔔 The app will notify you whenever you get a new lead and whenever you have a new incoming text message or email.

Incoming calls, however, will not go through the app but will be forwarded to your phone, as was the case with the desktop version.


Here is CRM App walkthrough: 


The app is available for both, iOS and Android devices.

Go ahead and download it now!


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