How to Send a Text / SMS Message to A Lead - Method 1

Updated :

After logging in to the new CRM please find the lead that you would like to send a text message to.  You can do this by using the filters.  


Now Select name from the Filter drop down menu.

NOTE: You can search for your lead(s) using any of the filters found in the drop down menu, it does not have to be just a search done by their name.

Make sure the second field is set to Equals or Like, this option you would choose is dependant on what your filter is and what your are searching for. In this case, we will be selecting LIKE.  If you choose equals, you will need to make sure the Name searched is entered in FULL, not just a first or last name.

Now enter in the name that you are searching for.  Once done, click on Apply Filter.

The system will now search for all users with the name Rhea and will put the results at the bottom.

Now find the desired lead and click on the phone number.

Make sure you click on the actual phone number and not the phone icon.

The Text Lead option will appear in a drop down menu. Please click on Text Lead.

The Compose New SMS screen will come up.  You have the option now to select a Templated Text Message (a text message you have previously saved as a template) or you can type out a new custom text message.

Before you create the text message you will need to select the account you want to use for the text message.  Generally there will only be one option from the drop down menu, unless you are on a team.

NOTE: if you do not select the account, you will not be able to send this text message out.

**If you do not HAVE an account created, please follow this manual.

If you do not have any templated sms messages you will see these two options

1. Create New Template

2. None / Blank


**If you had previously saved templates, the name of the template would show up in the drop down menu.

Now enter in the text message you would like to send and then click on SEND when you are finished.


Your Message has now been sent successfully. Click OK to close the notification screen.



Please keep the text message to less than 160 characters, otherwise you will be billed for two messages. You can see the character count at the top right hand corner of the text message box.



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