How to Setup SMS using Twilio Account

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To be able to text out from our system, you will need to create a Twilio account and connect it to the crm system.  There are a few steps to this.  

1. Create a Twilio Account

2. Purchase a Twilio Number

3. Upgrade Your Account

4. Connect Twilio Account to Beta CRM.


NOTE: To Keep things as easy as possible it is a good idea to be logged into the beta crm system

1. Create a Twilio Account

To create a Twilio Account first thing you will need to do is go to

Next you will need to click on Sign Up in the top right hand corner of the page.

Enter in the First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email and Password fields.

Leave everything else blank.

Click on Get Started

Please enter in your phone number

Verify Your Account with Your Phone Number - 2 Options

You will now need to verify that this number exists and that you have access to it. If you would like to verify via SMS please click on Verify Via SMS.  Please enter in the verification code that is provided via text message.  Click Submit when done.

If you would like to verify via a phone call click on Call You Instead.  Please enter the verification code you hear during the phone call.  Click Submit when done.

From the Account Summary section, we will need you to take note of two #s.  These 2 numbers will be used to setup with SMS service in the CRM system.   We will do this in the last step.

1. Account SID

2. Auth Token



2. Getting a Twilio Phone Number

Now that the account has been setup, we now need to get a Twilio phone number. To do that while you are still on the account screen, please scroll down to the phone number section.

Click on the # Phone Numbers box

Click on Get Started

Click on Get Your First Twilio Phone Number

Twilio will automatically provide you with a number. If you like this number click on Choose this Number. If you do  not like it, click on Search for a Different Number.

If you chose Search for a Different Number, you will have the ability to search for a specific set of numbers.  For this example I've added in the last 4 digits of my agentlocator phone number.  And will select Last Part of Number for the Match to Field.  

When done click on Search.

Depending on what numbers you put in, you may find a local number or you may not. My search did not yield local numbers, because I didnt specify the area code.  



If you want to look for a specific area code, then revise your search and enter in the desired area code.  Click Choose this Number for the number you wish to keep.

Click on Done.

3. Upgrade Your Twilio Account

While you are in your twilio Account, please click on Upgrade in the top right hand corner.

Now enter in your credit card information in Step 2.


Step 3 will go over how Twilio charges your card.  By default it is set to automatically charge your card everytime your account balance goes under $10.  If you do not want this to happen,  then uncheck the option.  When done click on Upgrade Account

4. Connect Your Twilio Account with the CRM

If you would like to be able to send out text messages directly from the CRM System you will need to setup your CRM system to sync with Twilio.

Once you have logged into your crm, click on the User Account profile option in the top right.   Then click on User Preferences.

Now click on SMS Account

Now you will need to enter in the

1. Account SID

2. Authentication Key

3. Twilio Phone Number

4. Click on Save

To find the SID and Authentication Key you will need to be logged into your twilio screen.

Click on Console at the top.

Now copy the SID info and paste it the SID field in the CRM

Now you will click on the Auth Token option.  

Copy and paste the full token into the crm system

Now enter in the phone number that you purchased from Twilio (NOT YOUR PERSONAL CELL #)

Click on Save.  You are all done


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