What I Need to Know About Twilio

Updated :

Many of you are interested in getting signed up to send/receive text messages from our crm system, however many of you do have questions regarding Twilio.


1. Twilio is a 3rd party provider who we have NO affiliation with.  

2. In order to send/ receive text messages, you will need to upgrade your account with Twilio

3. When you upgrade Twilio will charge you $20.  The $20 is put into your account balance.  Twilio will top-up your account when your balance reaches below $10.

4. It costs roughly $7 per month to send /receive 1000 text messages using Twilio

5. It costs $1 per month to have a phone number on Twilio.

6. You will have a designated / unique number on Twilio

7. This Twilio Number is forwarded to your cell phone number that we have in the CRM system.

8. When you receive a text message from a lead, the replied message will appear on your cell phone and in the CRM system.

9. The lead will only see the Twilio number, not your real cell number.

10. You can choose your own Twilio number. **When setting up the account, Rhea will choose a number for you based on your location.


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