Most Current CRM Updates - April 4th

Each week needs updates / changes are being done on the new crm system. Please check back weekly for the new updates. 

Below is a list of the most current updates: 

  • Create "Alerts" tab
  • Notification Email sent to agent when lead is assigned by another user
  • Create mass delete functionality
  • In list of emails that were sent to a lead, show time when email was opened on hover
  • Implement Religions Settings Screen List and Details
  • Change Lead Ownership through new CRM
  • Show total # of leads that will receive Mass SMS Message
  • Change SMS templates and retrieved data format for last lead activity template
  • Additional changes for "Alert When Active" option on Lead info page
  • Add Delete Lead button on Lead Details screen
  • Add Lead Description box on Lead Details screen
  • Mass Task
  • Mass Note
  • Notes&Calls tab shows more than one Note although it should be displayed only one
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