Number of Mass SMS

Updated :

How to check the number of SMS about to be sent

1. Select contacts manually by clicking  on the square next to the lead


2.  Select leads by applying filters by clicking on the “Add Filter Item”

3.  Choose desired filter by clicking on the drop down arrow and

4.   Click “Apply Filter”

5.  To select all leads under the applied filter click on the box next to “INFO”

6.   Ensure you click “SELECT ALL” in order to select all leads captured by the filter

7.   Click on “APPLY ACTION”

8.   Select “send mass SMS” from the drop down menu

9.   The number of total SMS going out will be displayed

10.  Type your text in the sms box or


11.   Choose from the sms template list

12.   Click on the paper plane icon in order to send mass sms


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