How to Create a Buyer Lead Search / Assign to Buyer Lead Campaign

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Video Tutorial:

Step By Step Instructions:

Login to the crm system

Enter in your username and password and click on Log In

Next take a look at the lead you would like to add the Buyer campaign to.  Click on the leads name.


Now take a look at what listings the lead has been looking at.  The activity section will give you a quick summary of the leads activity.  

For a more detailed view of what listings the lead clicked on and how many times they clicked on a property, click on the More Details button.

On the left of this screen it will give you a summary of what your lead clicked on ie: Type of Home, Avg Price, # of Beds, # of Baths, Cities and Communities within those cities.

In the top left of every property picture, you will see how many times they clicked on that specific property.

When done, click on the X in the top right hand corner.

You now have a better idea of what type of home your lead is interested in.  Now is the perfect time to call them.  Calling within the first 5 minutes of the lead registering is best practice.

After calling, you want to set the lead up to receive listings from our system.  This will be done via our Buying Lead E-Campaign.  You should add all leads onto this campaign, whether you have spoken to them or not.

Click on the E-Campaign tab on the right hand side of the screen.

Where you see "Select Campaign", select Buying Lead Campaign from the drop down menu.

After selecting Buying Lead Campaign from the drop down, click on the Assign button.

Click on Yes to Confirm that you want the client added to this campaign.

You will now see the client has been added to the campaign.

In order to see the action items of the campaign you need to click on the name of the campaign.  

The action items of the campaign will now be visible down below.

The buying lead campaign is a mix of listings and follow up content emails.  

Breakdown of Campaign:

Day 1 - Day 7: Daily follow up content emails and listing emails .  Each content email is different from the others, asking leads different questions.  Click here to see the email templates

Day 8 - Day 24: The system will continue to look for listings that match the criteria you entered in.  If there are new listings, a new listing email will be sent that day.

Day 25: The campaign will end and the listings will stop.

As soon as you assign the lead to this campaign, it is imporant that you create the listing search within 5 mins.  (That is 5 mins from the time you assigned the campaign to the lead, NOT 5 mins from the time the lead registered)

To create the listing search you need to click on the V2 Button.

Once you click on the V2 button another  browser tab will open up.  

NOTE: Please make sure whenever you create a search for the lead that you, use the City Filter and the List Price filter.  Those 2 fields are mandatory, everything else is optional.

To use / add a filter in, just click on the filter name on the right and the settings will show up on the left.

For the city, just type in the name of the city and then click on Add Filter.

You will know that your filter has been added because you will see the black filter bar at the top of the screen

Continuing adding in the filters you would like to use.  In order to create the price range, you will need to use the List Price Filter 2x (two times). Once for the minimum and once for the maximum.

As soon as you click on the List Price filter, the system is ready to take in your minimum amount.  So enter that in, in the Enter Price field and then click on Add Filter.


When adding in the price, do not use any $ or ,  

Now click on the List Price filter again on the right hand side

This time when the filter appears, you need to click on "Price is Equal to or Greater than" in order to access the drop down menu.  From the list, select Price is Equal to or Less Than.  This will allow you to enter in your maximum price.

Now enter in your max price and click on Add Filter.

Continue adding in filters as needed.  Keeping an eye on the Total Found #.  Please make sure you don't send too many or too little listings.  

When you are happy with your search, click on SAVE & EMAIL LISTINGS.

Great your search has now been saved and you are all done with the lead (for now).  A pop up will appear, letting you know the search has been saved, click on OK and then close that browser tab.


**it is very important to note, that when you do speak to the lead; whether it be on day 2 or day 20, you want to make sure the lead continues to get listings and that they no longer get the follow up emails.  So when that happens on the E-Campaign tab, you need to check off Buying Lead Campaign and then click on Listing Exception.

That will allow your lead to continue to receive listings and all other actions in the campaign will stop.

The system will ask you to confirm that you want the other action items to be cancelled.  Click on YES

You will now see that all the "pending" emails other than the Listings have been cancelled.


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