Gmail / Google Integration

Updated :

Integrating your account with google is a wonderful option for those of you who use gmail email address or have a google business email address.

When you integrate with your google account, the following will happen

1. The emails you receive from leads will show up in the Email Tab as a incoming email

2. Your Google calendar actions will now show up in the AgentLocator Calendar

3. The AgentLocator tasks will now show up on your Google calendar.

Video Tutorial: How to Connect / Sync / Integrate with Google Mail / Gmail

Step By Step Tutorial:

Click on the Account icon in the top left of your screen

Click on User Preferences

Click on Integrations

Click on Add New Account

Select and Login to the desired account

Click on Allow

You're all done!!!

NOTE: You will receive an emailing you to let you know that the CRM is connected to your google email.


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