Updates for June 15, 2017

Updated :

1. Collaboration Tab - the collaboration tab now allows our clients to vote on features they would like added into the system, what our team is currently working on and what went live.

2. Update When Using the Called No Message Left call result - Previously whenever you selected Called No Message left the system required you to enter in a note. We have now changed that so all you have to do is click on Save

3. Main Agent - Previously there was the ability to have a lead NOT assigned to anyone in the system.  Now the Main Agent is a required Field. (For those of you who are unware the Agent Section is at the very bottom of the lead profile screen on the left)

4. CASL - We have added in the ability to keep track of who you have implied or expressed consent in order to stay compliant with CASL.  The new rules were to take effect on July 1st, 2017, but that has now been changed.

5. CRM Homepage for Smart Phone Users - Our uses are now able to effectively navigate the CRM homepage / main lead page via their smart phones.

6. Currently Working On - This is a list of all of the enhancements / features our amazing developers are currently working on.  Get ready to be excited!!

Collaboration Tab

Called No Message Left Update

Main Agent Update

CASL - Anti Spam Laws

Lead Homepage - Smart Phone Users

►► Enhancements We Are Currently Working On

1. Email Icon - in the top bar menu, we will be adding in an email icon, that way you can keep track of what the status is with your mass emails that are being sent out.

2. Email Overview - on the overview tab, we will be adding in a section for emails that are sent out and received from the system. It will work in the same way the SMS Overview Screen works.

3. Lead Details - the lead profile screen will become mobile friendly.

4. Google Calendar - you will be able to integrate your google calendar with your crm tasks and vice versa.


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