Updates for June 20, 2017

Updated :

1. Email Status - we have made some changes to the status of the emails that are sent out on a one on one basis or mass emails.

2. Google Calendar - We have started our Google Calendar Integration. Any tasks / events that you have scheduled in your google calendar will now show up on the calendar within AgentLocator's new crm system.  The system will show you which tasks are from google and which are from the crm system.  Please refresh the integration, if you are not seeing the calendar sync.

3. Default Tab Section - The system will keep track as to what Lead Profile tab you are viewing and as you switch from lead to lead, the previous tab that you were viewing, will be the default tab for the next lead that you view.  The default tab will revert back to the Notes & Calls time, the next time you login.

4. Mass Email Status & Progress Bar - When you send out a mass email, the system will now keep track of the mass email and will update you on the progress of how many of the emails have been sent out of how many contacts you have selected to receive the mass email.

5. Email Editor -

6. Left Voicemail - Call Log Note - When you mark a call as left voicemail, you will no longer be required to enter in a note. The system will automatically post a voicemail note for you.  All you have to do is click on Save.

Email Status

Google Calendar

Default Tab Selection

Mass Email Status

Email Editor


Left Voicemail Call Log


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