How to Stop a Lead From Receiving the Follow Up Content Emails

Updated :

Whenever you have a buyer lead in the system, we highly recommend that you add that lead onto the Buying Lead Campaign. This campaign is a mix of follow up emails and listings.

Once you get a hold of the lead (email / text / phone), you want to make sure that you only send out listings going forward.  Your lead will no longer need the follow up emails going out. This is because most of the emails are typical follow up questions that you should have discussed.  Thus it will look very unprofessional if they are being asked questions, they already answered. 

To stop them from receiving the follow up emails and to continue getting listings, follow the easy steps below. 

1. Login to the crm system (



2. Click on the name of the lead


3. Enter in the note or call for the lead


4. Click on the Email Campaigns tab


5. Locate the buying lead campaign and click on Keep Listings and Stop All Others button.keep.JPG



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