Websites Overview - Adding content

Updated :

In order to continue making any changes to use website, you must make sure that you are using the Website Editor

Login to your CRM System (

On the left hand side, click on Websites

After you hover on Websites, an inner menu will open up, please click on your domain name.

Please click on Use in Website Editor. Your website will now open in another tab.

Content Editor

If you are on a specific page and would like to make changes to the content on the page, you can use the Content Editor.  Please select the page you would like to revise, using the menu bar. Now turn on the Content Editor by click on the button to the right of your website.

Content Editor

You will see your page now has boxes around the content on your page.  Highlight the content you would like to change.  For this example, we will be changing the color of the title to "Blue".

After highlight the text you would like to change click on Font color button, select your new color.  A pop-up box will appear and ask you if you would like to save changes.  Click yes if you are happy with the change.


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