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What is PPC Management?

PPCmanagement is a service that gives you the ability to not have to worry about creating or paying setup fees to create any more PPC campaigns. We can target any cities, communities, areas or even in some cases postal codes to get you the leads that you are looking for.

Why should I go with PPC Management?

Setting up and maintaining a PPC campaign is not simple.  To get the best cost per lead it requires constant monitoring and tweaks on an ongoing basis.  The only way we can provide the best service possible is to have our staff make these adjustments as needed.  AgentLocator-managed campaigns will not cost you anything to setup & we have no contracts.  The only way we can keep to retain you as a client is if we continue to do a good job.

 Search Engine PPC Management Cost

PPC Management Cost
Monthly Ad Spend Cost to Manage
$200 to $250 $99/mo
$251 to $500 $199/mo
$501 to $1000 $299/mo
$1001 to $1500 $399/mo
$1501 to $2000 $499/mo
$2001 to $2500 $599/mo
$2501 to $3000 $699/mo
$3001 to $3500 $799/mo
Have a larger budget?  Contact for special pricing


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