Updates for August 24, 2017

Updated :

1. Email Attachments:  You will now be able to add an attachment(s) to emails that you send out.  This feature only works for Mass Emails and for emails that you create and  send out to a single lead.

2. Unsubscribe Opt - Out Option: Your leads have the ability to opt-out from receiving email communication from you; using the unsubscribe option.  The opt-out screen has been updated as well. 

3. User Preferences : The user preference screen, is now mobile friendly.

4. SMS Template Repsonse:  You now be able to select a SMS template when responding to sms replies from the SMS Overview screen (in the top right corner).

1. Email Attachments

2. Opt-Out Option

3. Mobile Friendly User Preferences Screen

4. SMS Template Response

When you receive a sms reply and you click on to the reply via the overview screen.  you will now be able to select a sms template as your response if needed.


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