Wrong image showing on blog posts that are shared on Facebook

Updated :

Question: I am trying to share my blog post on Facebook but the image that appears is different from the featured image that I setup for my blog post

Answer: Please make sure to check the filename of your photo that you used for the image to make sure that it does not have any spaces or special characters in it.

Example of the file name of the photo that will have issue on Facebook:
My favorite home.jpg

Example of the file name that will not have issues:

NOTE: If you already tried sharing the post Facebook will "cache" it in their system. So if you make any changes you will also need to force Facebook to re-scrape your link. This is done in a matter of 2 clicks:

1) Go to this link:


2) Paste the link to your blog post in the input box and click "Debug".


3) Locate the "Scrape Again" button and press it, you can do this multiple times every time you make the change to your blog post


You will see in the "Link Preview" section the way your blog post will appear on Facebook.

Now if you share your blog post it will have the correct image.

If you continue having issue with your blog post featured photo when sharing it on Facebook, please send us an email at support@agentlocator.ca and our team will help you troubleshoot the issue further and fix it.



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