How to Assign a Lead to Another Team Member

Updated :

If you work on a team and have a lead that you would like to assign / reassign to another team member than follow the process below.

Assigning Individual Leads

In order to assign a lead to another team member, you must first select the lead that you want to be reassigned.

Now scroll to the bottom of the lead profile page to the Agents section.  

The main agent field is a drop down menu, please select the desired agent from the drop down list.  

Right after you select the new agent to be assigned to the lead, on the top right hand corner of the screen you will see two green notifications

1.  The system will automatically post a note in the system, stating who changed the lead ownership and who the new lead owner is.

2. The system will send an email alert to the new lead owner.  This green notification usually shows up after a second or two. If this alert does NOT show up, please make sure the new agent has their alert notifications and email address setup correctly in the system.




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