Website Update: “Days on the Market” for Sold & Rented Listings

Updated :


Sold and rented properties on your website will now automatically have “Days on Market” displayed. This number will show how many days the property was on the market before it was sold or rented.

Whenever a lead is coming to your website and browsing through sold or rented listings, they're now going to be able to see how many days on the market that property was listed before it was sold or rented.



Note: This latest update applies to clients with access to sold feeds through AgentLocator.

Pro tip: This information can help you to identify list prices and how long it's taking to sell them, but it's also going to give a better idea for your seller leads to see how long properties are sitting on the market before them being sold. Buyers or investors interested in a property can see how long it takes for those properties to get rented or sold.


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