CRM Filter Update: “Last Contacted by Lead”

Updated :


If you choose the “By Email” or “By Any” option when using the "Last contacted by Lead" filter, it will also detect leads who contacted you by submitting a Get in Touch or Ask a Question form on your website.

Previously, this filter would only show leads that were applying to emails sent through the CRM. We have modified that to make things simpler and better for you. Now, you can easily pull up those individuals you know who have inbound communication, whether replying to a standard email or using one of those forms.

Choose to add a filter and go under Communication > Last contacted by Lead and specify when leads contacted you.

When this filter is applied, you will see any leads that have replied to any email communications in the specific timeframe you have selected. When we open up those leads, we're also going to see that inbound communication under the Email tab in CRM.



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