Site Manager Update: Website Theme Settings

Updated :

To make it easier to make smaller design changes on your website, we’ve included “Website Appearance” settings in the Site Manager. You can change and customize your website’s primary and secondary colours, font, font size and style directly in the Site Manager.

Go to the Websites section in CRM, then click on Site Manager and choose the website you want to edit. After clicking on your website, you will be prompted to Content Editor Dashboard.

After this, go to the Website Settings and choose Theme. From there you're gonna be able to set primary and secondary colours for your website across all pages, as well as font colour, font size and font style.

If you wish to make any changes to any of these, you're simply going to click on the colour itself and make that adjustment.

Once you've made your change, click on the button Save Changes. You can easily see and identify the changes by clicking on the View Live Site icon, which will load the website preview and you'll be able to see the changes you have made.

See how it works:



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