CRM - New Leads From Incoming Calls and Texts

Updated :


New calls mean new leads! New incoming calls and SMS that are not matching leads in your CRM will be created as NEW LEADS


Any incoming calls and SMS messages (that are not matched to any leads in your CRM) will now create a new lead in your AgentLocator CRM. With this feature, more leads will come into your CRM and therefore you will have more potential conversions. 


If it is an incoming call, and that phone number does not match any existing lead in my CRM, then:


  • CRM will create a new lead 
  • The Lead’s phone number will be populated and marked as valid in your AgentLocator CRM
  • The source will be automatically set as Incoming Call for calls and Incoming SMS for SMS Messages
  • The call will be logged under the Notes and Calls section of the lead profile for the call, and the SMS message will be logged under the SMS tab.
  • Lead will be assigned to the Agent who owns the Twilio Number (assigned as the Main Agent)


Pro tip: Make sure you include your Twilio number in all your marketing campaigns because each time you get a new call and message, you will automatically get a new lead in your CRM. 




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