Customize the Subject Line and Frequency for Saved Listing Searches

Updated :

Leads can change the subject line for saved listing searches and the frequency of listing emails. The FIRST search (at registration) is created and named automatically by the system in the following format:


City, AL Home Type (e.g. Toronto, Detached)


In the CRM, agents can use a new shortcode [SavedSearchName] and change the default subject line for listing emails (sold and active).



The day/time will automatically be selected when a lead chooses a frequency. 


Please note: your lead cannot pick which day of the week they will receive listings or what time - however, as an agent, you can change that in the CRM). 


If the lead selects:


  • Daily: goes out 15 mins after they save a search and then the same time every following day (same as current registration process)  
  • Weekly: Saves that day of the week that the lead is creating the search, and time will be 15 mins later (for example: if the lead is saving the search on a Monday at 10 AM, then the listings for that search would go out every Monday at 10:15 AM)
  • Bi-weekly: Same as weekly, but email would go out every other week 
  • Monthly: Would go out on the first day of each month at 12 PM EST - (covers normal time for all Canadian time zones) 


Your leads will be able to change their email listing frequency in 2 spots:  


  • 'My Saved Searches' on Search Results Page (and they will be able to choose/change the saved search name here)                                                            
  • 'Subscription Settings in the top-right corner 


  • If weekly is selected, there is a second dropdown for days of the week which has an apply button



  • Monday is selected by default 
  • When all days are unchecked, the apply button is disabled (at least 1 day per week needs to be selected to be saved 
  • If the user edits the days per week and does not click apply and navigates away from the dropdown/page, then the previous settings are still applied 


Renaming saved search: 


In My 'Saved Search,' your lead will able to edit the name of their saved search by clicking on the pen icon (this is the only spot where the lead can change the name of their saved search - 


As an agent, you can also change the name in the CRM. 




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