Site Manager: New Notification Email for the Main Account Holder

Updated :


With the latest updates, whenever a sub-user creates their own website, the Main Account Holder will automatically receive a notification email with all the details of the sub-user and the website they created.


Subject - New Sub-user Website


Hi [Main Account Holder Name],


A new website has been created under [Agent]'s account and is now ready to be edited in the Site Manager. 


Please note that the website is not live under the requested Domain name until further notice, but you are able to edit the website in the Site Manager and access it through the IP address.


Website owner: [Agent who the website is assigned to]

Requested Domain: [Domain name that the agent entered in the domain field]

IP: [IP that the website is currently under]

Site ID: [ID that the website is under]


Should you wish to delete the website, please contact our Support team via email at or via phone at (647) 499-4446.


Thank you.

Your AgentLocator Team





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