Identifying your leads source & type of lead

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Identifying your leads source & type of lead



Step 1 Right here we have the: Source and Registration. So, this is giving you information about the lead when they register, which site or location. 



Step 2 Then you have your: Pipeline, Status, and Lead Type.



Here you will be able to determine what kind of lead you are working with (seller, buyer or rental lead).



Some of you may be running multiple websites, multiple lead campaigns (whether they're multiple Google campaigns or Facebook campaigns), manually adding leads, or you may be feeding leads from alternate sources. 

Therefore, being able to differentiate these leads as to where they come from and their type can be essential and fundamental for you to target your marketing efforts, or to target certain audiences based on those factors.


With the source, if you're running a buying lead campaign with us, in many cases, you are going to have these leads as a: Home buyer


Some of you may be running multiple Google Target areas i.e. Toronto, Mississauga, Pickering. You will be able to differentiate from which campaign a lead is coming as well as if they are coming from your Lead generation or Branded website.


In most cases your Lead Generation website will have a word "listings" or "search" at the beginning of your domain name, unless you purchased a separate domain name for your Lead Generation website.  


For example: i.e. if the domain name of your branded website is; the subdomain for your Lead generation website will be by default or


If you are running Facebook or Google campaigns (or both) you will be able to easily identify if the lead came from Google or Facebook. For example, on the screenshot below we can see that this lead came from Facebook.



This one's just a standard one, it just says Facebook. Yet what you'll also notice is there will be some that are more specific i.e. FB - Toronto Condos under 800


In case you have different types of Facebook campaigns running, or have had them running, you're able to easily pull and identify these leads in your dashboard.


If you ever want to use filters to find all the leads that came from a specific source (i.e. all leads that came from FB - Toronto Condo under 800 source) you can do that in one click by clicking on a magnifying glass.



And if you click on it, it adds a filter at the top.



After you go: Apply and Preview, you're going to see leads that now have that source.


You're not limited to just one source, there is also a multi-select option in case you are running multiple campaigns and you want to see all the leads that came from i.e. FB Mississauga Condo under 800 ad and FB ads Oakville buyers. 


Most of you are running Buyer campaigns so the majority of your leads are going to come in as a: Home buyer. However, if you are doing a: Seller campaign, you will see seller leads coming in here.

A Seller lead is: a lead that either came in through StreetMatch.



Or in some cases you will see that they signed up on the HomeWorth page. 


Another thing to consider as well is that the lead type is based off of how that lead initially registered.

So, a lead could have come in as a home buyer. They signed up on the website since they wanted to look at listings, and then afterwards they wanted to get the value of their home checked. 


Because they were already in this system as a home buyer, even though the system is going to send you a notification that an existing buyer lead signed up on a Homeworth page, the type of lead is going to remain as home buyer.


You are also going to notice a note created automatically by the system for that lead, similar to the one on the screenshot below. Which you will be notified of by the system per e-mail.



It's also going to give you the information that they have filled out on this form as well.



However, if you decide that you want to change the lead type, you can easily do that by opening up the lead's profile and scrolling to the bottom where the Lead data field is located.



Just click on the dropdown menu next to the Lead type section that you can see on the screenshot above and choose the lead type.



You can also create a new lead type by going to the settings tab and then clicking on the lead type. 




 Lead types can also be filtered out in this system. 


To do that, you're going to click on: Add filter item. 



Then you will choose the Lead Type from the dropdown menu.



And finally, select the preferred Lead type.


This is a great way to be able to filter out leads based on the type of lead that they are.


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