How to update your leads contact info

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How to update your lead's contact info 



Follow these simple steps to learn how to update your leads' contact information:


Step 1 You will head over to the lead, and you just simply click on their: Name to open up their profile.



Step 2 That action will then open up their: Profile





Step 3 To edit the lead's name, you will simply move your mouse and drop the cursor here.


If you notice that there is a lead that comes in with an obviously fake name, such as F F F, for example, and you notice that their actual name is in the e-mail, take that quick moment and change the leads name to the name that's in their e-mail. 



Same goes for the last name as well. 


Step 4 When it comes to the e-mail address and phone number, you're going to click on this little edit button (see the screenshot below). 



This is here to prevent you from accidentally updating a number when you didn't intend to do so.


To save, you just move the cursor anywhere outside of the box. 


Follow the same process to update the email address.


Step 5 You also have the ability to add additional contact information for a lead.

Therefore, if there is an additional person in the household, a spouse, or they have additional work information, you can add that in




Note that this additional contact information is for your reference. They will not be sent listing alerts or regular communications that you'd be sending to the main lead.


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