How to re-send the account activation e-mail

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How to re-send the account activation E-mail



Account activation e-mail is the e-mail that your lead will receive when they initially sign up on one of your websites. 


Step 1 You will head over to the lead, and you just simply click on their: Name.



Step 2 That action will then open up their: Profile



Step 3 Once in the Profile section you are going to head up to the: E-mail



Step 4 If you notice that an e-mail address is invalid, just do a quick check of that e-mail, since there could be a typo.


If you spot an error, make the needed edit, and save it by clicking outside of the box. 


Step 5 In order to resend the activation e-mail, and to see if your edit has resulted in a valid e-mail, you're going to head right here and click on this little e-mail icon.


Step 6 Then you'll see this little green notification in the top right-hand corner letting you know that the activation E-mail was successfully sent. 


Step 7 To check, go over to the emails tab right here 



 Here, you're going to see that the activation e-mail has now been sent. 



Step 8

If you refresh your screen, you will notice that the e-mail address will now be marked as: Valid. If you refresh your screen, you will notice that the 



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