How to manually create a lead

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How to manually create a lead 



Step 1 You're going to navigate up to the top and click on the: Add a new lead option



Step 2 From here, you will enter in the leads first name, their phone number, and an e-mail.



Step 3 There is also a: Lead description. If you want to add some details pertaining to this individual.



Step 4 If you want you can also set the: Pipeline. In case you know you've already made contact with the lead, you can change the pipeline status right away.



Step 5 You also have the ability to add: Lead Data. i.e. You can use this section if you want to rate this lead.



Or indicate the source, which is highly encouraged. For example: if someone came from an Open house.



As well as lead type. For example: If you know that your lead is a buyer lead.



Note - You can put their address in the following field, if you know their address.



Here you also have the buyer info section.



And seller info section.



Step 6 You can also create Custom Fields


Once you add a custom field in here, it will carry through all of your leads. So, all of your leads can take advantage of this.



To do so, simply click on: Add New Custom field.



For example: If someone has 3 kids, you can create that custom field and name it Number of kids. While from the Field Type menu, you can select different input options.



Once you do so, click on: Save


Then this information is always available for you, while you have the ability to filter out your leads based on this input. 


For example: You can filter out anyone in your database who has 3 kids.


Step 7 As you are creating your lead, in the: Agents option you can also choose who this lead is going to be assigned to if it's not yourself.  


For example: If you are part of a team or if there are multiple users.



Like: The Main agent, Listing agent or Mortgage agent. Once you've filled out that information, you're then simply going to click on: Save.


Step 8 We've now got the lead created in the system, with all the information that we've entered inside the lead.



Step 9 To locate the lead on your dashboard go to: Leads.



There, the newly created lead will be displayed with all the specified information.



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