What is a partial lead

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What is a partial lead 




To find your partial leads on the CRM dashboard follow these simple steps:


Step 1 Once on the CRM dashboard, on the left-hand menu you're going to notice this double squares icon. 



Step 2 Click on it and you will gain access to your: Partial Leads



Note - A partial lead is somebody that came into your website, went on either StreetMatch or Homeworth, and didn't fill out their contact information. The system will still input that person as a lead although you don't have full information on them.


For example, let's imagine you have a website visitor who sees the StreetMatch widget and clicks on it. 


They are requested to fill out their street address and they do so.  


Then they are asked to fill out more information about their home and themselves.  If they do not continue and fill and submit this information, they will be collected as a Partial Lead.

Step 3 You can sort them based on Source by clicking on the arrow as it can be seen on the screenshot below.



Step 4 Partial leads can also be: Deleted once you've actioned them. 


Step 5 You can export partial leads as well.


Note - You can use partial leads for any direct communication. 


You can send them a letter mentioning how great technology is but occasionally fails, as in their case. Let them know you're willing to assist but you do require a bit more information on their home search, housing needs, etc. 


The second option would be to door knock their street. Five houses on either side of theirs and 5-10 across the street.


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