How to adjust the phone / e-mail validity of a lead

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How to adjust the phone/ e-mail validity of a lead





From time to time, you may need to change the validity of a lead's phone number or e-mail. Follow these simple steps to learn how to do it:


Step 1 In order to do this go to the main dashboard, and then locate your lead. 



Step 2 There you will see a little dropdown arrow that you need to click on. 



Step 3 Then you will simply change this number to: Invalid if you notice that the lead has entered an incomplete phone number, or it's obvious that it's completely invalid.



By marking a number as being invalid, it actually prevents the lead from actioning any of the listings that you're sending them until they actually provide you with a valid number and authenticate that new number. 


To see how this feature works, watch this video:



Step 4 In the case that you have a lead that does not wish to be contacted by you whatsoever, you do have the: OptOut option.


The opt-out option will prevent any SMS from being sent to this lead. So, on the off chance that you're sending a mass SMS, it won't deliver to this Lead accidentally.  


Step 5 When it comes to e-mail communication the same rule is applied, and you can of course opt them out 



Note - The system will automatically mark an e-mail as being invalid if a system isn't able to deliver that e-mail.

The opt-out option will also prevent the system from automatically e-mailing that lead through any mass communications that you may be sending. 


Step 6: And then once again, you can still mark an e-mail as valid. Step 6 



Or invalid.



Step 7 Should you wish to do that Inside the lead, you're simply going to click on the lead's name. 



Then you're you are going to click on the e-mail icon to change the validity. 



Step 8 To change phone the validity, on the other hand, you will click the phone icon.



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