How to make your leads validate their phone number

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How to make your leads validate their phone number



This is a feature where if lead provides you with a fake or invalid phone number and they keep coming back to your website to look at more and more listings, you can essentially block them from being able to do that until they provide you with a valid phone number.


You just need to set the phone number to invalid by clicking on the phone icon that is located in the lead's profile (until it gets to invalid) to indicate that it is invalid.



And then the next time when they attempt to open up one of the e-mails that you send off to them, they're going to be seeing this message, invalid phone number, and it's going to make them change that number. 



In this example, we're going to put in a number just to get the account activated and then click on: Continue.


This action is then going to send them a verification code that they have to put in to validate that it's their cell phone number.



And then after they enter their code, they will simply click on: Verify



Once the phone number is verified, the person now has access to go through the website and look at it.



Then when you go back to the CRM system and reload the page, you will notice two things:


1. The phone number will be marked as valid.

2. And the phone number will be automatically updated inside the CRM system. 



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