Adjusting the Pipeline Status

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Adjusting the Pipeline Status



You have the ability to adjust the pipeline settings within your AgentLocator CRM system. 


Available Pipelines:



  • Not set
  • New lead
  • Tried to contact
  • Non-responsive
  • Made contact
  • Cold/Not ready
  • Warm/Nurturing
  • Hot/Ready
  • Set meeting
  • Singed agreement
  • Showing
  • Sold
  • Past Client
  • Archive



Anything from Not set to Made contact is going to automatically transition based on your activities, like the sending and receiving of text messages, and the logging of your phone calls. 



Anything below Made contact are manual adjustments, since the system isn't going to know how you're rating a lead, if you've signed a contract with them, if they're a past client, or sold.



The Archive option is also a great way to remove a lead from visibility within the dashboard.   For example, You have a lead that has a bad phone number, bad e-mail, or an opted-out e-mail, and you essentially cannot communicate with this person. 




Then if you simply go to Archive this lead, you're going to notice that it just disappeared from the dashboard. However,  the archive is not deleting your lead. It's just removing them from the standard visibility of your dashboard so that you're not looking at the leads you can't communicate with every time you're logging into your CRM. 



Now the good news is, you are able to pull up those leads at any time, and you're going to do that through your filters. 


Step 1 If you want to resurrect this lead, first you will go back to your dashboard. Then all you're going to do is toggle from the archive pipeline to any other. For example: Tried to contact.


Step 2 Once you do that and go back to the homepage, you will see that this new lead is back to being its standard visibility.


One scenario where you will use the archive option is, when the lead has all invalid information, has been archived and has found your website again through Google searches and has tried to reregister.


The site is then going to remember their information. So, in some cases you may receive a notification that a lead is active, but you won't be able to find that lead. In case that happens, chances are they're in your archive. 


Note - however, if a lead has a valid phone number but opted out, you wouldn't archive this lead. You would leverage that phone number. Since at the end of the day, you as an agent are building a database and you've paid for these leads. 


The Non-responsive pipeline is an automatic change where the system by default is going to change that pipeline to: Non-responsive if you have tried contacting this person 10 times, whether it be through phone calls or text messages. 



A lead that hits the non-responsive pipeline, nothing changes in the system, they're still going to continue to receive listings from you. 


All of this can also be adjusted for your use, depending on how you want to use the system. 


Step 1 So how you can do that is by going up to your: User profile.



Step 2 And clicking on: User preferences.



Step 3 After you completed this action you will then go into your CRM settings.


Step 4 From here what you're going to notice is that the "Made contact" via e-mail is toggled to: No



This feature allows you to have the pipeline automatically switch to made contact, if a lead submits an e-mail to you. So, whether they're replying to a listings e-mail that you sent them, or even if they're inquiring with respect to a listing on the website.

If you personally consider making contact with a lead via e-mail as a substantial way of making contact with them, you can simply toggle this on, and any e-mail response is automatically going to transition that pipeline to made contact. 



Step 6 As for the status of the SMS, that option can also be adjusted to your liking.


Some of you would consider making contact with a lead as actually speaking to somebody, or at least the SMS communication back and forth has to be substantial enough. So, if that's the case for you, you can simply turn this: Off



Once you turn this action off, what happens is, when a lead replies to a text message, their pipeline is not going to automatically move into made contact. In that case, you would then have to manually change that pipeline if you are satisfied with the level of communication in the SMS messages to say: "Yes, I've actually made contact with this individual." 


Step 7 As for the Non-responsive pipeline, if you do not want it to automatically transition to non-responsive, you can of course turn that action off.


Step 8 You also have the ability to adjust exactly what would constitute that transition. So, by default you're going to see that it's 10 contact attempts, for both calls and SMS.So combined calls and SMSs, for the pipeline to move to non-responsive.



However, some of you may say: "You know what, I want 10 calls, or I want 12 calls on a lead" where once you've achieved 12 calls and still haven't made contact with them, and you don't care how many SMSs you send them, that's when you will want that pipeline to automatically change to non-responsive. So all of these options are controlled by you, based on your own personal preferences. 




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