Overview of the saved searches section

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Overview of the saved searches section



Follow these simple steps to locate your saved listing searches and learn all about them:


Step 1 The: Saved Listing Searches can be located within your leads profile, right below the pipeline section. 



Step 2 Should you wish to make changes to this criteria, simply click the edit button here. 


Step 3 Once you click on the edit button, you'll be able to see any existing criteria that's set for the lead. 



Note - The filters are based on boards, so depending on what board you're on, they may differ depending on what your board allows. 



When it comes to: Cities, you can include one by typing its name. 


For example: If you want to include Oshawa, you will just type it down, and select the city that appears as a drop-down.



The: Type of home can be multi-selected like in the screenshot below. 



When it comes to the: Bedrooms feature, you'll have an equals to (=) or greater than or equals to (>=) option.




  • The equals to (=) Means that this lead is only interested in i.e. 4 bedrooms
  • While the greater than or equals to (>=) is equivalent to a lead saying, "I'm looking for a 4+ bedroom home", so it's equal to (=) or greater (>) than 4 bedrooms. 



As for the List price, generally, you can use a range. You can also adjust these ranges manually, by typing your preferred range. 



For range you also have the ability to use the: greater than or equal to (>=) base minimum price or (<=) less than or equal to base maximum price.



For some filters, you may notice that you also have the ability to exclude (<>) certain criteria


i.e. In the Community filter, let's say that this lead was interested in Pickering and Oshawa, but they wanted to exclude anything in the Samac community. To exclude this area, first type in that community, and then select it after it shows up. 



After choosing this option the system would send them all listings in Pickering and Oshawa except for any listing located in this specific community called Samac. 


There is also an option to draw polygons for your leads.

To do so, you will swipe down to Polygon on your filter, or you can start typing in "polygon" and then click enter. 



After that, you will click on the option: Show map.



Here a map will show up. You can zoom in on the area you wish to draw your map for. 


You're then simply going to click on the screen where you want to drop your marker, and then you're going to create a very unique shape that your lead is looking to buy in.


Once you set your boundaries, you can then click on: Apply Polygon, if you are satisfied with it.



However, if you want to reset the polygon, you will just click on: Reset Polygon so you can draw it out again. 


After you click on: Apply Polygon, you will also notice that the map coordinates are now showing next to the: Show map option.



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