How to send listings to 2 or more e-mails

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How to send listings to 2 or more e-mails




At times you will want to send listings, or your daily e-mails in connection to a specific lead to multiple e-mail addresses.


Step 1 From your dashboard you will click on the lead to which you want to add an additional e-mail (or more).



Step 2 After you click on a lead, their profile will open up.



Step 3 From there you are going to navigate to their e-mail and click on this little edit button here. 



Step 4 Then you're going to put a comma (no space) next to the first e-mail, after which you will enter the second e-mail. 


Step 5 Once you add the second e-mail just click anywhere outside of the box to save it. 




NoteIf you have two e-mails, especially if they belong to a married couple, you can also enter their names here.



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