How to create a listing search - Manually added leads and registered leads

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How to create a listing search - Manually added leads and registered leads



Follow these simple steps to learn how to set up additional searches for a lead:


Step 1 First scroll down to the: Saved Listing Searches section here. 



Step 2 Here you will notice any saved searches you have where the system is sending listings to your leads.



Step 3 To add another saved listing search, simply click on: Add New Search



There you're going to name the new saved listing search. 



And continue to: Add Filter item, to choose additional filter items.



Here you can add any filter items that you wish to have i.e. Washrooms.





And then click on: Save, to save that filter. 



Step 4 After you click on: Apply Filter, you will see that there's numerous amounts of listings that fall within the selected criteria.



Step 5 After you've done all of the steps above, you're going to set the scheduler, click update, and then you're going to close this window



Step 6 Then once you navigate back to your Saved Listing Searches you're going to notice that you now have an additional search created for that lead. 



However, if you have a lead who is not currently receiving listings from you, return to your dashboard to locate them.


Step 1 Once you have located the lead, click on them to open up their profile.


For example: If their Saved Listing Searches look like in the screenshot below, the lead does not have any saved listing searches associated with them.



Step 2 Click on: Send activation e-mail.



This option is then going to send them an e-mail with their login details and a link to validate their e-mail. 


Step 3 In case you wish to bypass that option, you will instead just click on: Add New Lead Gen User and uncheck the previous option. 



Step 4 Then this pop-up will appear, and you will click on: Yes.


Once you've added that new lead gen user, you're going to notice that an: Add New Search button has appeared. 



Step 5 To add a new search simply click on: Add New Search.



Step 6 Like in the previous steps make sure to: give this search a name, set your criteria, click: Apply. Save that filter, set your scheduler and click on: Update



Step 7 Once this is all done, you will be able to navigate back to the lead's page and you will see that a new save listing search has been created.  



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