How to create a sold search (applicable boards only)

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How to create a sold search (applicable boards only)

How to create a sold search (applicable boards only)



Follow these simple steps to learn how to create a sold search:


Depending on which board you're a member of you may have the ability to send sold listings to your leads. 


Step 1 To set up a sold listing search, simply navigate down to the: Saved Listing Searches.



And then click on: Add New Search



Step 2 From here you're going to notice that there's a Listing type of: Active or Sold



Step 3 Then simply click on: Sold, so that the filter shows only sold properties.



Step 4 When setting up this criteria, it is recommend that you name the filter: Sold and then to include the lead's address in the name in order for you to know that this is a sold search set up for that lead. 





Step 5 Then you are going to add additional filters by clicking on: Add Filter Item



For example the: Polygon (There is a radius option as well).


Step 6 To activate it, click on the polygon feature and then go to: Show map and click on it. 



Step 7 From here, you can click on the map to draw a specific area.



For example: This is the area to which they would receive sold listings for.



Scroll down to the bottom and click on: Apply polygon.



However, if you want to redo your marked area click on: Reset polygon instead.



And finally: Close, if you wish to close this window to return to your filters.



The coordinates of your markings are also going to show here.


Stop 8 Then you are likely going to want to add additional components. For example: Bedrooms




Note - If your client only has a three-bedroom home, it is a good idea to only send them properties that have sold, and also have three bedrooms. 


Stop 9 You will also have the ability to specify the: Type of Home




Step 10 The final component you're going to want add is the: Sold Date




Note - It is encouraged that you choose the equal to or less thanoption (and then just type 90.Then after you click on: Apply Filter you will be able to see all the listings sold in the last 90 days that fall within the specific criteria you previously set.




Once you're satisfied with this, you're simply going to click on: Save filter.



And finally you're going to set your scheduler and click on: Update.



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