How to add / remove saved listing search criteria

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How to add / remove criteria



Step 1 To add or remove criteria from your leads home search, simply click on the edit option in Saved Listing Searches



Step 2 Once you do that, you will be presented with all the filters that are currently being utilized to specify which listings to send to this individual. 



Step 3 You also have the ability to remove a filter by clicking on this red X sign



Step 4 Or to add a filter by clicking on: Add Filter Item.



For example: In the screenshot below, we have added the city filter.



When adding a filter, you can simply type it in and select it from the list. 


You can also add multiple areas if your lead is looking in multiple areas.


Step 5 You always have the ability to add additional filter items .For example: Bedrooms.



These filter items will also have multiple options. 


For example: The bedroom filter has the option of equal to (=) or greater than or equal to (>=).


When it comes to bedrooms, when you see the equal to sign (=), that's definite. So, if the lead is looking for a three- or four- bedroom home, that's what you're going to choose. 



However, if the lead is looking for 4+ bedroom home, you are going to use the greater than or equal to (>=) option.



You also have the ability to specify communities with the community filter.


The community filter will also have the equal to (=) option and excludes option (<>)



Once you've added all your filters in, down below, you're going to see results once you apply filter




In order to save this criteria, you are also going to click on: Update Filter



NOTE: Whenever you add a new filter item you need to make sure to click on Update filter.


i.e. Let's say you want to add an additional filter: Subtype.



And you choose the option Att/Row/Townhouse.



Once you click on Apply Filter that's going to show results that match that criteria.



However, Update Filter is going to save that criteria.



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