How to adjust the frequency of the listing e-mails

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How to adjust the frequency of the listing e-mails




When setting a lead up to receive listings from you, or if they registered on your website, by default, they're all going to receive a listing e-mail once a day. However, they are only going to receive that listing e-mail if there's new listings that come out that match their criteria.


The system is not intended to spam your leads with repetitive listings that they've already seen. 


The time of day that those leads are set up to receive those listings is also reflective of the time they signed up on your website. 


Step 1 You do have the ability to change this time, so you can change it however you see fit. Keep in mind that this is a 24-hour clock



The time that they signed up may very well be the time of day that that person is most available to actually view the listings. That is why we wouldn't suggest changing the time they are receiving the listings because sometimes people like to get these e-mails later in the evening because that's when they're available to look at them.

Step 2 In some scenarios, you may wish to scale up the listings. What this means is, that you can have up to three separate times of the day that the lead would potentially receive a listing e-mail from you.





For example: Let's say you set the time to 8:12 in the morning. 


Then you set the time to check again at 14:30.



And finally, you add another time, a little later in the afternoon, at 23:30.



So, in this scenario, what would happen is at 8:12 o'clock in the morning, the system would check to see if there are any new listings to send to this person.



  • If yes, they're going to get an e-mail. 
  • If not, they're not getting an e-mail. 



Then at 14:30, the system then checks again to see if a new listing or listings have come on the market since the last e-mail.




  • If yes, that lead is going to get a listing e-mail that day with all the information. 
  • If not, they're not getting any e-mails, and the system is going to check again at the final time. 




Any of these times, the system will only send listings if there is something new to send to that individual. This essentially gets your leads the listings the same day they're listed versus waiting till the following day.

Step 3 Anytime you make any changes here, you just want to make sure you click on: Update, to save these changes. 



Also, similar to scaling your search up, you can also scale it back


This is great in scenarios where less is more. You might have a lead that's two years out, or maybe you come across a lead that indicated that they kind of put their search on hold right now. So, receiving daily e-mails from you probably isn't something that they were looking for. It's only going to increase the chances of them opting out. 


NoteIt is recommended to ask a lead before scaling back their listings. 


Using the scheduler, you have the ability to scale listing up and back with the following options:



  • Up to three times a day
  • Once a week
  • Once every two weeks
  • Once a month




Then after you choose your preferred option (For example: Once a week, like in the screenshot above) the scheduler is then letting you adjust which day of the week is it going to be.



And which time on that day.


Finally, you're just going to click on: Update, to save any changes that you make with the scheduler.



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