How to pause / start a saved search

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How to pause / start a saved search



Follow these simple steps to learn how to pause or start a saved search :


With your leads' searches, you have the ability to pause the search by clicking on Stop the campaign button.


You also have the option to force listings to go out by clicking on the Force campaign execution button.


And to remove the listing search criteria altogether by clicking on the Stop campaign and Remove search button.


Step 1:  If at any time you wish to pause the search, you're just going to click on this little pause option (Stop campaign), like shown in the screenshot below. 



After which this pop-up will appear, and you are going to click on: Yes.



What this action does is, it's going to present you with a play button (Start campaign) so that you can easily turn it back on again.



Pausing it will ensure that the criteria is still there. 


In a scenario where a lead would prefer not to see the listings for the time being, instead of deleting their search, you can refer back to what they used when they first logged on to the site. This way, you can continue the conversation and perhaps use it as a basis for the home search.


You have the ability to pause as many searches as you wish. 


Step 2 If you delete their search by clicking on the button seen on the screenshot below, you're going to notice that that search deletes altogether. 




Step 3 Another way to pause a search is directly in the search.


First, click on: Edit.


Then click on the red pause button.


In case it's already paused, you also have the ability to start sending those listings by clicking on: Start button.



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