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How to send hand-picked listings


From time to time, you may wish to send your lead hand-picked listings that perhaps aren't part of their day-to-day home search. You may have picked that listing for a certain reason and want to send it out along with a message to let the lead know why it works for them.


Step 1 To do this, you're going to simply click on the little envelope icon (pick listings to send now) right below here, that is located in your leads profile.


Step 2 After you click on the envelope icon you are going to be presented with the following window. 



Step 3 Then, depending on the board that you're with, you may have the option of sending Active and Sold listings. 




Step 4 From here, you're then going to simply specify the listings that you want to send. So, you will have all the regular filters available, and in many cases, you're likely going to want to use the MLS number



Step 5 You can simply just start typing the MLS number, and then you will press enter. Then click on  Apply Filter .



Or let's say that you want to send specific listings located in a certain city.

You can choose the filter City, enter the name of the city and then you will be presented with a number of listings.



Step 6 Once you decide which listings you want to send, you're just going to simply select those listings by clicking on them.


Step 7 If you want to just send this as a listings e-mail, no note, no caption, no nothing, just an e-mail with listings, you're just going to click on the green: Send Listings E-mail option, and it's going to send them those listings right away.


Step 8 There is also an option of writing a note to that lead by clicking on the Customize and Preview email button, next to the Send Listing Email button.



Once you click on that button, you will be presented with the following screen where you can enter your message.



When you're sending it, that little note is going to apply and appear right here, right above the first listing.


Step 9 Once you are satisfied with everything, you will click on: Send.



That listing e-mail is going to come into your lead's inbox along with that specified note. 


Here you can see that this e-mail has gone out. To preview it, you are then just going to click on the e-mail.



You will notice the custom note that you had left, and the listings that you selected. 



In some cases, you may want to hand-pick listings and send them to more than one lead. How you're going to do that is through a mass action. 


Step 1 Go back to your dashboard either by clicking on the AgentLocator logo, or Leads button as seen on the image below.



Step 2 In many cases you're likely going to want to filter through the leads that you're looking to send the listings to, whether it be by, their buying type or something else. So, choose the option: + Add Filter Item, on your dashboard.



For example: Let's say that this lead is looking for a condo apartment. 



Step 3 After choosing your preferred filter, click on: Apply and preview.



Step 4 That action is then going to show you all the leads in the system that currently have their search set up to receive condos.


You can narrow this search down even further.

The home type is one thing, but maybe they're looking in a specific buying city. In that case you can say, I'm looking for anyone that's looking in Toronto and Mississauga. Then click on : Apply and preview .



Step 5 Now we're going to select these leads. 


Option 1: You can select the top column to select the first 10 leads. 



Option 2: You can select individual leads as well if you want to hand-pick those. 



Option 3: If you want to select all your leads automatically, make sure you go ahead and click on the top column , after which you will choose the select all option. 



Step 4 Then you will click on: Apply Actions button at the very top, and you're going to select the option: Send hand-picked listings.


Step 5 After you complete this step, this window is going to present itself and in it you will be able to add your criteria. 


For example: let's just go with city, and then we are going to choose Toronto and Mississauga just as an example for this scenario.



Step 6 Then you will hand-pick these listings and scroll down. 



Step 7 From here you can then either send them as a standard listing e-mail by clicking on: Send Listing E-mail.



 Or with a note by clicking on: Customize & Preview E-mail.



If you choose the second option customize & preview E-mail (customize & preview E-mail)  - You will write the note here, like in the screenshot below. 



After you click on: Send, this e-mail is going to go out to each one of these leads utilizing their first name while also making it look as though you just personally sent it right to them and only them.



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