How to engage your leads with listings they've viewed

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How to engage your leads with listings they've viewed



With AgentLocator, we have an excellent tool that allows you to engage with your leads based on the listings that they viewed. 


Step 1 So what you are going to do is go into the: Last property view section and click on: More details, inside of your lead's profile. 



Step 2 In the more details section, you have the ability to view your leads activities to whether they like the listing, or if they viewed it multiple times.



In scenarios like this, that could be an indication that they may want more information, but also an opportunity for you to try to engage with them with respect to that property. So, what you can do is select the listing to send it to the lead. 


Step 3 To do so, you will simply click on: Select Listings to Send to Lead.



You can select one or more listings to send to them.


Step 4 If it's a single listing, you can also send them a SMS by clicking on: Send SMS



Step 5 Once you choose the SMS option, a new window will pop up and it will have the link to that listing.



Step 6 Another option is to write a note to them by clicking on: Customize & Preview E-mail.



When you're selecting an individual listing, the subject of the e-mail will be that property. So, it really allows it to stand out. 




Then of course you can create a custom note because perhaps they liked this listing or viewed it multiple times.



For example: "Hi Crystal, I noticed that you viewed this home a few times. Would you like to receive more listings just like this one?"


Or: "Would you be interested in more information about this property?"


      "Would you be interested in going to take a look?"

So, there are different ways that you can try to engage with the lead that perhaps you haven't made contact with. If it's a lead that you have made contact with, you can also take that data and use it to your advantage. 


i.e. Let's say the lead that you've talked to about their criteria and motivations looked at a listing six times,you can kind of play the whole game of: "Hey, did you happen to see this listing? It seems to check off a lot of the boxes that we spoke about the other day. Would you be interested in getting some more information about it?"


Meanwhile, you can already see the amount of views in the backend, so it's just another tricky way that you can get your leads or people you've connected with to connect with you.

To sum everything up:


1. The subject of the e-mail is going to be the address of that listing. 



2. Then you have your e-mail with the note.



3. The e-mail itself is also going to, especially when you're sending one listing at a time, create a  feature sheet really showcasing that property that they may have some interest in.  




In this example we will send this property to a lead to see what that looks like. 



To find the e-mail you will go into: E-mails, and after you locate it, you will click on it for preview.




Once opened, you will have the address of the property there as the subject, and when you scroll down you are able to see a little custom note along with all the details pertaining to that listing.



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