Tagging your Leads - How to add, remove and filter leads with specific tags

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Tagging your Leads - How to add, remove and filter leads with specific tags



Follow these simple steps to learn all about tagging your leads:


For example: Here we can see that we have two labels on this lead. 



1. This one is indicating that they need a pre-approval.



2. While this one is indicating that they're a first-time buyer. 



Many of you will also notice that there's tags already added to the leads as they're coming into your CRM system. These tags are a reflection of how that lead answered the questionnaire when they visited your website for the first time. 


Tags are just little identifiers for you. You're able to filter your leads based on tags that they have, or tags that they don't have. But rule of thumb really is after any conversation, you should be able to add two to four tags to your lead. 


In this example we are going to open up this lead. 



Then in the: Notes & Calls, we are going to observe this note. 



We actually made a note on this lead acting as if it was a phone call. So here we have this little note as an example for you. 



The rule of thumb when leaving notes is to leave your call notes with as much detail as you can, in order to re-get your memory going when you're reaching out to them again. The more detailed your notes are, the more powerful your follow ups are going to be. Because you're going to be able to bring up past conversation topics, or in other words, relate to that lead much better and start to build that relationship even further. 


There's nothing worse than calling a lead that you've already spoken to and sounding as if you've never spoken to them, because you didn't leave notes for yourself to remember who this person was.


Step 1 So based on these notes you are able to tag a lead. To do so, first you're going to click on the plus sign here. 



Step 2 After you complete the first step, you're then going to be presented with a tag list



Step 3 You can also add a tag at any time by clicking on: Add New Tag



In this case, we're just going to add a tag named: Newsletter


Step 4 In this column you will type in the name of your tag.


Step 5 Then you also have the option of choosing the colour of your tag.



And after you complete all of the mentioned steps you will click on: Confirm, to save your tag.

Step 6 After you saved your tag, it is now going to be part of your tag list.


In this example this tag is unselected.


Step 7 To select and unselect your tag you are going to click on the little checkbox next to it.


To add the tag to your lead, please select the tag and click on the Done button.


Step 8 What you're also going to notice is that each tag, or most of them, will have a letter or two and a column. All these are symbols used for categorizing your leads.

for example: 


Referral opportunities (RO) - colour - Orange



Up at the top, you have some check-in tags as well. 



These are going to be utilized in further tutorials with respect to following up with your lead. 


Now let's refer back to the note that we mentioned in the beginning.



In the notes section, we can see that this lead was:



  • Currently living with her parents
  • Saving for a down payment
  • First-time buyer
  • That she hasn't spoken to a lender yet (we put a note to get them in touch with a lender) 
  • She'll be moving in with her boyfriend and kids etc.



Now we will take some of this information and apply it to tags. 


So now we know that she's saving for a Down payment, so you will choose this tag like in the screenshot below.



She needs a pre-approval.



She's a first-time buyer 



We also know that this person is currently renting. Likely month to month.



It is also mentioned that they're planning to move in the summer, so we may want to check in with this person on a monthly basis. 



Step 9 To save all your selected tags you are then simply going to click on: Done.



Step 10 After you save your tags, you are going to be able to see that these tags are now visible on this lead. 



So, you are able to see all this information, that quick synopsis as to who this individual is, without necessarily having to pull up all the notes.

When you return back to your dashboard, you're also able to filter your leads based on these tags. 


Step 1 First click on: + Add filter item.



Step 2 Then after you complete that step, choose the: Tag option.



Step 3 Let's say that you want to pull up everyone with the tag - Needs pre-approval because maybe you are hosting a seminar on that with a mortgage lender and want to invite all the people that still need these pre-approvals.




Step 4 After you complete the previous steps, simply click on: Apply and preview.



And you're going to be able to see all the leads in your dashboard that have that Needs per-approval tag on.

You also have the ability to select the modifier, like shown in the screenshot below.
a) Does Not Have Selected Tags 



In this example we have chosen the option: Does Not Have Selected Tags, to filter out everyone that doesn't have that tag. To activate this option, you will choose: Apply and preview



Then you will be presented with all the leads that do not have a tag Needs Pre-Approval.


b) Then there is the option: Has All Selected Tags. So, if you select more than one tag, they will have to have all those tags. They can have additional tags, but they have to at least have those selected tags. 



c)  Has Any Selected Tags option means, that they can have five different tags as an example, but they don't have to have all five of them, they have to at least have one of them to show up. 



d) Has Only Selected Tags option means that this lead can only have these selected tags on them, and they cannot have any other tags associated with them. 



e) And lastly you have the: Has Any Tag And Does Not Have Tag option.



For example: If you wanted everyone that needs pre-approval but does not have the first-time buyer tag to show up, you will choose these tags like in the screenshot below and then click on: Apply and preview.


So that's one way that you can utilize those. And again, this action allows you to create specific audiences. It's like putting your leads into specific pools so that you can get them through the various pipelines that much faster and cater to their needs that much more effectively.

In some cases, you may wish to add a tag to multiple leads. Now, you may use filters beforehand to narrow down that list, but let's just pretend that you wanted to tag all these leads here with the newsletter tag. 


Step 1 First, you are going to select the leads that you want to tag with the newsletter tag.


1. Leads can be selected individually by clicking on the checkbox next to them.



2. If you select the top column, it's going to automatically select the first 10 leads in this list.


3. However, if you wanted to select all of them, first you are going to select the top column (previous step) and then simply go up and click on: Select All.



While by clicking on: Deselect will reverse this action.



Step 2 Then after selecting your leads, you are going to go up and click on: Apply Actions and then: Apply tag to selected.



Step 3 Then a new window is going to appear, in which you will search up the newsletter tag.



Step 4 Once it appears, you will select it and click on: Done to apply the mass action.

The newsletter tag is now going to be in queue to add to all of these leads. 

Step 5 In case you want to remove the newsletter tag from all of these people all at once, you can filter out all the leads that have that tag.


Select all the leads that have that tag.




Then you're going to click on: Apply Actions and then: Remove tag from selected.


After you complete that step, a new window is going to pop up and there you will unselect the newsletter tag (or any other tag that you wish to remove) and to apply that action you will click on: Done.



This is then going to remove that specific tag from the selected leads. 


Another way to tag leads is also by clicking on this plus sign, directly from your dashboard.



As well as in the: Settings tab, when you click on: Tags. 



From there you're then able to see all the tags that are currently utilized on the leads in the system.


At any time, you can also edit these tags. So, you can change the tag itself, what the title is, or the colour. 



You can also delete tags. 



Note - Please note that in order to delete a tag, it cannot be assigned to any leads. That's where you may want to mass remove the tag and then go ahead and delete it. 


Not sure how to start with tags or which tags to use? Here is Beverly’s list of tags so many AgentLocator clients swear by, so you can easily get started: 



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