How to create a task and how the tasking system works / finding leads with upcoming tasks

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How to create a task and how the tasking system works / finding leads with upcoming tasks




Follow these simple steps to learn all about the tasking feature within the CRM system:


Step 1 When you open up any lead, you have the ability to schedule a task by simply going into the Tasks section.



Step 2 From there you have the ability to add the title of the task, as well as the task details.



It is encouraged that when you are creating tasks that you always indicate the details, because that way you do not have to go through your notes. It always saves you time if you put a little bit more details in here, so you don't have to go searching through any call notes or things alike.

Step 3 Down here, you also have the ability, if you have multiple users within your system, to assign tasks to other individuals. 



Step 4 You can also let the system know where you're at with that task, white the options:



  • Closed
  • Completed
  • In progress
  • Not started
  • Testing
  • Waiting on someone else




 What the priority level is, with the options:



  • High
  • Low
  • Normal
  • Super High 




 As well as when the task is due. 




Step 5 Once you have completed all previous steps, you're then simply going to save this task by clicking on the Save button.


One key reminder with your tasks is to only task those people that you have actually spoken with. 


With the tasking system, you are also going to be able to see tasks in multiple different areas. 


1. So on the lead, you're going to be able to see it right here as shown in the screenshot below.



2. Then, on the left-hand side here, where this little flag icon is, this is your overview section. 



When you click on: Tasks, you then have the ability to see all of the tasks in this system. 



For example: Whether they're overdue, upcoming, etc. 


You also have the ability as an admin to monitor your sub users by clicking on Task Assigned to option, as shown on the screenshot below, and selecting the team member.



You also have the ability to use the: Advanced options


For example: Sometimes the task is assigned to one person, but the lead itself belongs to somebody else. 


In this area, you also have the ability to edit the task. So you can of course edit it down here by clicking on this icon, like shown in the screenshot below. 



Then you can also delete the task.


Push this task.



And lastly complete the task. 



Pushing the task allows you to take a task and push it for seven days from now, for example.



You can also adjust that to days, hours, or minutes.



After you adjusted everything to your liking you will then simply click on: Save & Close, where that action is then going to push that task to a later date. 



The system is going to e-mail you and let you know what tasks you have due or overdue for that day. 


The settings in regards to these task alerts can also be updated in your: User Preferences.


You will then go into your: Lead Alerts. From there you can change what tasks you're going to be reminded of, and if you want to be reminded of those tasks. 



The tasks are also going to show in the calendar. So, for that you have the: Task notificationsNote - If you're seeing a little green dot right here, that means that there's a task that is due, coming due, or overdue within an hour or two.




Once you notice that green dot, you're going to be able to open up that lead in the: Task notifications to action it accordingly. 



Otherwise, you may wish to go and check your calendar, while making it a daily habit.



Here you'll be checking what tasks you have due for the day, so you can take them off the list first. 


Now, in your calendar, you are going to be able to see the tasks created right in here. 



If you click on a specific task in your calendar, the following screen will pop up. 



From here you can click on Open Lead button to open that lead immediately in your CRM and see what the task is.


For anyone that utilizes a Google Calendar, you essentially have the ability to create tasks in the system and to sync them with your Google calendar.

This is going to sync both ways. 


For example: This task in green colour is a Google event. The tasks of the CRM system are always going to show up in blue colour.




When you sync with Google, you are also able to determine which calendars you want to show, by going into: Choose Calendars to display.



Some of you may be using G-Suite and have access to multiple team members' calendars. So, you actually have the ability to turn them off or on.


What's even better is, when you create a task like this, that task is also going to show up in your Google calendar at the date and time that you created that task for.


When you click on this task, it's also going to give you the:



  • Title of the task
  • Any of the notes
  • The details that you left for yourself
  • And it's also going to include a link right into that lead



With the settings in Google, you are also going to have those push notifications that a task is coming due. 


If you're looking to integrate with Google, what you're going to do is:


Step 1 Up to the right hand side here, you're going to go into your: User Preferences.



Step 2 Then you will go into the: Integrations tab



Step 3 From here you are going to be able to sync your Google accounts. As you can see in the screenshot below, you're also not limited to just one account. You can have multiple accounts.


However, if you're seeing a red dot like this, you will need to resync your account accordingly by clicking on the Refresh button. 



Step 4 One of your google accounts is always going to be the primary one. The primary account is the one that you're going to primarily see those Google events in.



The tasks option is a great way to keep on top of those leads aside from the call filters to ensure that they're not slipping through the cracks. 


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