How to create SMS templates

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How to create SMS templates



Follow these simple steps if you're looking to add SMS templates into your system:


Step 1 First you will navigate to: Settings and click on: SMS Templates.



Step 2 Once you have completed the previous steps you are then going to click on: Add New Template



Step 3 Once you have completed the previous step, a new screen is going to pop-up.



Step 4 From here you have the option to actually load one of the existing templates if you are just looking to edit one that's currently there.



Step 5 However, if you would like to create a new template, we are just going to type the template name here.





And here you're going to add the content:


Step 6 You also have the option to determine if this template is going to be available to just you (personal template) or if it's going to be available to any sub users in your system, if you have any (company template).




Step 7 Now the most important thing about our templates would definitely be the short codes.


This is going to allow you to use the same template to reach out to multiple leads. You'll have the explanation for each shortcode under the name of the actual shortcode.


For example: If you're reaching out to leads and you want to address them by name and you have two leads in the system that you're sending this to, let's say they're called Tracy and Sandy, if you just grab this [FirstName] - shortcode and drag it into the box wherever you want it placed, this first name brackets is going to be swapped with their first name.





Step 8 You will also have additional shortcodes. So besides short codes that pull the leads' information, there are Agent shortcodes as well.



The sender data shortcodes are going to be pulling the information of the agent that is sending the messages. 



The main agent shortcodes, listing agent shortcodes and mortgage agent shortcodes will pull the information of the agents assigned to the lead, depending on whether they're the main, listing or mortgage agents.


You also have Element shortcodes. So, instead of saying: Hey John, rather than name of your lead, it's going to say something along the lines of, morning, John; afternoon, John; evening, John etc. 





There are also Activity shortcodes. So, they're going to be pulling information based on the activity of your leads, and their habits on your website.


For example: If there's a particular price range that they've been looking for or a property type, if you include these shortcodes, then each lead is going to be getting a personalized message containing the actual price range, and the actual property types that they, in particular, are looking for


We also have Website registration shortcodes, if they need to activate  or verify their account on your website


We also have Lead mobile app shortcodes, in case you want to create custom SMS templates, encouraging your leads to download the HomeLocator app.




And lastly, we have Advanced shortcodes, these are shortcodes that are going to allow your leads to log into the website automatically without entering their information again.



Step 9 Once you've finished up everything and the SMS template is ready, you will then simply click on: Save.


Step 10 Once you have saved your template, you're going to see that it is now visible in your: SMS Template Settings.



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