Filter Leads Who Liked a Property

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 Filter Leads Who Liked a Property




You can now filter out leads based on when they last liked the property. Whenever a visitor is on your website and looking at a listing, they have the ability to like a listing.



They also have the ability to look at the homes that they've liked. 




Each time you have a lead that likes a listing, you should be getting a notification about this. 

Step 1 To filter out these leads you will click on: Add Filter Item.



Step 2 Then you will type in: Like and choose the option: Lead Last Liked Property




If you want to select everyone that has liked a listing in the last five days this is how it should look like on your end:


Step 3 Once you open up one of the leads that fall under this filter and click on the: More details button like shown in the screenshot below, you will be able to see which listings they liked.







Step 4 If you want to bring these listings to the attention of your leads, you can definitely select the listings by clicking on them.



and write a note by clicking on: Write a note & Preview E-mail and send it to that individual with respect to these properties.





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