Most Important Filters 

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How to use Saved Filters




The saved filters are put into place to help you navigate through your leads, stay organized, and increase your conversions. 


Your 1st, 2nd and 3rd Priority Filters are where you want to essentially start your day.



When you open up any of these filters at the very top, you are going to notice a small "i" icon and a link to a document.



To access the document, first, click on the edit button



And then mark the link and open it up.



This document is going to walk you through each one of those filters letting you know how they function and how you should be navigating the leads with them.




First Priority: These are the leads 

- you haven't tried calling yet (# of calls is 0)

- they potentially have a good phone number (phone validity is unknown, valid)

- you have not made contact with this lead (pipeline is not set, new lead, tried to contact, non-responsive)


We want this list to remain at zero. 



The moment you call a lead or mark their phone number as invalid, they will be removed from this list.

Second Priority: These are the leads 

- you have tried calling at least once (# of calls is greater than 0)

-  they potentially have a good phone number (phone validity is unknown, valid)

- you have not yet rated this lead as hot, cold, or warm.



Call these leads every day. When you call a lead from this list, they will automatically reappear the next day until you put them in one of the following categories (hot, cold or warm).

Third Priority: These are the leads 

- who have been active on your website in the last 30 days  

- you haven't called them in the last 7 days

- they potentially have a good phone number

- you still haven't put them into one of the categories (warm, cold or hot)




Call these leads regularly, and they will show up every 7 days as long as they remain active.

Hot Leads: These leads are ready to move right away.



Check this list daily, review their activity and communication history, and follow up with them accordingly.

Warm Leads: These leads may not be moving right now, but you have a possible chance of converting them. 



Place them in the warm nurturing pipeline and contact them every 7 days to stay in touch and ensure their home search is going well.

Cold Leads: These leads are not moving anytime soon. 



However, we still want to keep them top of mind and check-in on them periodically in case their situation changes in the future.


Contact them every 90 days to see how things are going and potentially move them to a warm pipeline.



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