How to Edit the Questionnaire

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How to Edit the Questionnaire



For those of you on our automated platform, when a lead registers on your website, the questionnaire automatically appears. However, depending on how that lead registers, will also reflect which form or questionnaire they're seeing. 


1. Those people that are signing up to look at listings for sale, they're going to get the buyer questionnaire. 


2. Those looking for properties for lease, they're going to get the rental questionnaire.


3. While those who sign up for a home evaluation, and come in as a seller lead, they're going to get the seller questionnaire. 


What's great about these is, that it allows you to gain a little bit more information about that lead upon entry into the system. What's even better is that you have control over these forms and how they function, as well as what questions are asked, as well as what might reflect in the CRM upon them answering the questions. In other words, you can have specific tags automatically applied to your lead. 


Here's how you can make edits, change, turn off, or adjust your questionnaires. 


Step 1 What you're going to do is from your CRM system, you're going to go to the websites tab, and you click on the site manager. 



Step 2 After you complete that step, you're going to choose a website you want to manage because each questionnaire for each website can be different. 



Step 3 From the hamburger menu you will now click on your: Website Settings




Step 5 Once you complete that step you will see that there's the qualifying questionnaire. So right on this general tab here, you'll have the qualifying questionnaire where it's toggled on right now. 



However, if you don't want that questionnaire on, you can simply toggle it off, save your changes and it will no longer appear. 


You also have different registrations: buyer, seller, and rental. 




Step 6 You can also turn individual aspects of these off. 


For example, if you only want the buyer one activated, you can turn off the seller and the rental ones if you wish to. 



Step 7 You also have the ability to edit them. First, you will click on: Edit.



You can change the title. 



You can also change the description. 



The following option is where the soft forced registration comes in. 




With this option you are allowing your leads to browse the properties without forcing them to complete the questionnaire. They may answer some or none of the questions and continue to browse the properties.


However, if you were to unselect this, now this form is actually going to be a force form, meaning everyone has to sign up on that form, and they can't just close it out. 




Now here is the questions that they're answering. 



You can also make certain questions mandatory on your form as well if you toggle this option on. 



If you click the little arrow in the background, you're going to see if somebody has any tags. 


So these are the answers to the questions. And then, for example, if somebody answers that they're 12 or more months away from making a purchase, this tag of just looking 1+ (they are planning on moving in a year or more) is going to automatically apply to the lead. 




And you can also add additional options, i.e. 8+ months, by clicking on: Add option



While if you want to add additional questions, i.e. Where are you looking to buyyou will click on: Add question instead. 



Or we can add a question Are you looking to purchase for yourself or as an investment? 


And add options: 

- For Myself 

- As an investment


In this example, for the second answer, we're also going to put a tag, by clicking on the little plus button next to it.



Where after you complete that action, you're going to select the tag and click on: Apply



Now anyone that selects this answer is going to automatically have the investor tag added to them. 



To add this new question you're simply going to click on: Apply



After you click on: Apply you're going to be able to see that the new question has been added. 



When you are adding questions, you also have the options:


  • Single select
  • Multi-select
  • And date picker




Single Select: Is used to enable single select questions.


Multi Select: Is used in case you want multiple selections, from which they can select multiple answers. 


Date Picker: This option will allow the calendar to show up on the website. So, if you're asking a specific question with respect to a specific date, you can have it so that it's asking the lead that upon registration. 


Step 8 After you made all the changes, you're going to click on: Save Changes.




Now once a lead completes the initial form on your website, the form will appear.





Based on how they answered the questionnaire the system is going to automatically apply a tag to the lead.






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