Overview of the questionnaire

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Overview of the questionnaire



Whenever a new lead registers on your website, the system itself is equipped with an online questionnaire. This questionnaire will pop-up for any lead that registers on your website, and the questions that they'll see is all reflective of how they signed up. 


For example, if they are looking for the properties for sale the questionnaire that has sales or purchase reflective questions will pop up.



If they are looking for properties for lease, they are going to get a rental questionnaire asking them about their lease terms, move-in dates, number of people etc. 


If they register on your website, because they are looking for a home evaluation, the pop-up that they are going to see will be reflective of a home seller. 


With these questionnaires, you do have the ability to edit the questions that are being asked. You can add additional questions, remove questions, as well as adjust the system so that tags automatically reflect on the lead upon them completing the form. 


Anytime somebody does complete these forms, you're also going to receive a notification through e-mail, and that information is also going to be visible in the dashboard on your CRM system. Now, one current setting on this form is that we're not forcing the visitors to answer the questions. 


So, what that means is they can actually close the questionnaire and it'll let them continue to browse the website. However, the next time they come back to your website, the form is going to reappear with the already selected answers, trying again to encourage them to submit it.



They can also complete whatever questions they want, without actually having to answer all the questions, so we're not forcing the leads at this point and requiring that they answer all the questions. However, the majority of them will answer one to two of those questions just on their own. 


Once they signed up on the website, what you're going to see in the backend is the tags automatically applied to them. 



Now to be able to see all the answers to those questions, when you open up the lead and you go to the notes and call section, those questions will also be listed in this note section. 



That way you're always fully aware within the lead's account on how they answer those questions. And of course, you can pin these notes,  if you feel like this is something that you're going to want to refer to.


Now in addition to the information showing in the Notes&Calls, you will also get an e-mail letting you know how those questions were answered on the website.





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