How the lead/client downloads the app when they get the link from you

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How the lead/client downloads the app when they get the link from you



Once you send your app link to your leads and they click on it, it will take them to the compatible app store to download the HomeLocator app.


Please note that the same link is used for all the devices. Whether it's iOS or Android device, you don't have to worry about finding out which phone they have. You can basically send them the HomeLocator link, and whoever clicks on the link, if they have an iOS, it's going to take them to the App Store. However, if they have an Android, it's going to take them to the Google Play Store to download the actual app.




As soon as the lead/or client downloads the application and installs it on their phone, their account will automatically be connected to the real estate account of the agent who sent them the link. And it'll be that agent's account that's connected to it so the lead/or client doesn't have to log in. 


After the lead/or client downloads the application, they will then open it, which as a result will automatically take them through the following process. 


They will have to agree to the terms of service that each board has, by clicking on: Agree.




After they agree to the terms of the app, it's then going to take them into the application to set up their profile.



The first thing that the app is going to get you lead/client to do is to set them up on the Nosey Neighbour program, so they start receiving listings of properties when they come around them.



Once they click onYes! Notify me the following window will pop up.


Note - In addition to receiving listings notifications by email, once they allow this action, they're also going to be receiving those notifications on their phone so they can look at all those properties on their phone. 


Once they click on: Allow, that action is going to take them to the next step and ask them for their address.



They also have the option to use their current location instead of typing in their home address.



Once the lead/or client has entered their current location or chose the option "use my current location", the app will then set that up as a radius. 



Once the previous step has been completed, the lead/or client will enter the application and they will be able to start exploring the properties in and around them. 




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