How to share the HomeLocator App with your leads/clients

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How to share the HomeLocator App with your leads/clients




There are two ways that you're going to get your clients to download the app. 


1. The number one way is when you're inside of your lead's profile. 



On the top left-hand quarter, you're going to notice this Home Locator Mobile App Info section, and button that says: Get App Link



Once you click on that button Get App Link, it's going to generate a unique link that you're going to copy and then send to your leads/ clients. 



After you click on: Copy Link, that link can be sent by SMS, it can be sent in an email, or anywhere else. 


When the lead/client clicks on that link on their phone, it's going to automatically open the link in the App Store and let them download the app. 


For example: In this case here, we're actually using the CRM system to send an SMS message to the lead, so that they can download the app through their mobile phone.



2. The second way that your clients or your leads can download the mobile app is from your website. 


The moment your app is enabled on your account all of your new platform websites are going to have that link on the bottom. Please note that the user has to be logged in in order for them to see that link, because the link is unique to that client.



However, if they're not logged in, they're not going to be able to see that link.


If you would like to share a Generic Link for your Leads to download the App, please follow the steps below : 


1. Acess your site manager through your CRM, and select your website: 


2. Then select the "Website Settings" tab and then select the "Home Locator" tab at the top. 


2.2 Select the button "Get app Link : 



2.3 Once you select " Get app Link" you will be able to select "copy" to copy the link for downloading the App. 


This will look like the following : 





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