Generate Leads via app link

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Generate Leads via app link


Did you know that you can generate your own leads via the HomeLocator app? 


You have a unique app link associated with your HomeLocator app, that when somebody utilizes it, it'll actually create a new lead in your system, which will of course, also start receiving listings from you automatically. 


- You can put it in your e-mail signature (further instructions below).


- Some people buy specific domains, so maybe you have a domain that's, for example, 


If somebody goes to this website, you could have it so that it goes right to that app link. Where in case they're on their mobile phone, it's going to direct them right into the app store to download the app.


Another option would be a social campaign, where you might run a traffic campaign on Facebook to encourage people to download an app to search for properties. Anyone who downloads the app on their phone is going to become a lead in your system.


Now we'll show you where to find your app link


Step 1 To generate your unique link, go to your websites tab and then to your: Site Manager.



Step 2 Once you're in the site manager, you're going to pick which website you want the app associated with. 




Step 3 Then on the left-hand side, you're going to go to your website settings.




And then navigate over to your HomeLocator tab.


This is your controls for your HomeLocator app and down here you're going to find your unique app link. 


In this example we've already clicked on the button, so it says: Copy link. In your case it's going to say Get link. Once you click it your unique link will appear.


Anyone that goes to this specific URL is going to be brought into the App Store. And if they sign up that lead is going to become your lead in your database. 


Let's copy this link and add it in your e-mail signature. 



Step 1 First, you will go to your Settings, then click on: E-mail




Step 2 To edit your e-mail signature, you're just going to go to the: E-mail signature and click on edit. 



A hyperlink is basically taking some form of text or an image and linking it to an alternate destination.


Step 3 All you need to do is type in the words, highlight the text and click on the chain link. 



You should be able to see a chain link visible. For example, Hotmail has it, Google has it, Gmail has it, also Yahoo has it. 


Step 4 Then you're just going to put the URL here where you want the target to go.


Step 5 In this case, if they click on Download app, a new window will open where they will be able to download the app.



Step 6 After that step has been completed, you'll be able to see that this text is now hyperlinked in blue. 



You can do the same for images. 


Step 1 If you want to upload any images from your computer, you're just going on the Upload image button.


Step 2 After you choose the image you wish, it will then be added to the e-mail signature.



Step 3 You can also rescale it, so you can use the corners and bring it down to a different side if you wish to. 



Step 4 Then to hyperlink it, similar to text, you're just going to select that image or highlight it, to indicate that you want to link it. 



Step 5 After the previous step has been completed, you're then simply going to click on: Save.



Step 6 After you save it, you will see that your e-mail signature now has links right to the app. 


Let's send an e-mail to see what that looks like. 


Step 1 First open up the lead by clicking on it.



Step 2 After that previous step has been completed, you will then click on the e-mail in the lead's profile.


In the body of the e-mail, because this is our signature, you can see that we have that hyperlink right here and both of these GIFs are also hyperlinked. 





Then we're just going to create a subject, so we can send this. And then we'll take a look at what that looks like for the end user, if they do click on that option.


This preview is shown on desktop. 



We are able to see that download option with all those images as well being hyperlinked. In case they click on one of those, they will get the App Store to open up in a new window in order for them to download the app.


Step 1 Once in the App Store they'll first just download the app.





Step 2 Once the download is complete, they'll open up the app, and will go through the registration process. 


Step 3 After the previous step has been completed, they're going to create an account.



Note - The system will recognize duplicates based on the contact details, so in case you may already have someone in your database that uses this link, the system will know that this person is part of the existing database.  Therefore, the system is not going to create a duplicate lead. 


Step 4 After they enter their phone number, they will receive a code via SMS that they must enter to confirm their phone number.



Step 5 Then they will be asked to enter their name and e-mail.



Step 6 After they've entered all their information, they will be prompted to set up their app.



The first part here is the Nosy Neighbour.


Step 1 This is where you're going to gain these individuals' addresses and automatically keep them up to date with the real estate activity in their neighbourhood.



Step 2 By clicking on: Yes! Notify me, the following window will pop up.



Note - In addition to receiving listings notifications by email, once they allow this action, they're also going to be receiving those notifications on their phone so they can look at all those properties on their phone. 


Step 3 After they click on: Allow, that action is going to take them to the next step and ask them for their address.




However, they also have the option to use their current location.



Step 4 After they enter their address, they will then need to specify their house type. They can also change the radius here. They can choose how far away, or how close to their house they want to be receiving these listings for. 





Step 5 Everything that they have previously specified is now saved in their saved searches, and they'll get notifications of those properties.




Step 6 Individuals can modify their criteria by clicking on the button highlighted below.





Now let's take a look at what's going to happen in the CRM system.



You are going to see that the lead has been created. So, this is a lead that has never been in the system, but because they utilized that unique app link, it created a lead here. You'll notice your lead also has a tag "Downloaded HomeLocator App". 




You can also pull up leads that have downloaded the app through filters


Step 1 Click on: Add Filter Item.



Step 2 Select Tag/ Has All Selected Tags / Downloaded HomeLocator App, and then click on: Apply and preview.


Step 3 You can also pull up all the people that haven't downloaded the app, or you might want to try to encourage them to download the app. 


If you open the lead, you'll notice it's set up to receive listings from you. 



In case your board does share information about sold listings, all leads that sign up on the app will automatically be set to receive both new and sold listings around the address that they entered.



When you go in the criteria, this is going to be pretty straightforward, it's going to be houses, then there's going to be that radius, and then anything that's for sale. 



So here you're able to see, right now there's one listing that technically falls within that criteria. 



If you go back into the sold one again, you're able to easily identify between the two, if this is applicable to you.


Here you will see the filters, sold, houses, and just like with any other search, you have the ability to change the radius on this one. 



Therefore if you're having a conversation with someone and you want to maybe send them listings that are active and sold that are closer to them, so more of a direct comparison, you can definitely narrow those criteria down even further.

So there you have it. Share your app link, generate leads, and generate new opportunities for yourself. 


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