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AI Bot F&Q



Will I know when I need to intercept into the conversation?


Yes, you will receive an email notification informing you that the bot needs to hand off a conversation. The bot stages that will trigger this email notification are ‘Interested’ and ‘Needs Follow Up’. The Subject line of the email will be: AI Bot has marked this lead as “Interested/Needs Follow up”.


Will the bot be triggered for leads who are already in my database?


The bot will be triggered for all leads who had no prior communication with the agent (i.e. pipeline status is in New Lead, Tried to Contact or Not Set) and have responded to a system SMS after the Bot was enabled. 


Does the bot automatically update the lead’s info?


Currently, the bot collects the information and stores it in the lead profile, but it does not automatically update the lead’s information. The bot conversation/data is stored in two lead profile tabs: SMS and Bot Data. 

Does the bot follow a linear script?


No, the bot adapts to natural conversations and can respond with appropriate contextual answers and empathy. Most leads who text with the bot believe they are talking to a real person.

Will the bot text my leads in the middle of the night?


If a lead requests information in the middle of the night, the bot will respond to an inquiry at the time of request.

Will text messages be sent from my cell phone number?


Yes, the lead will receive the messages from the Main Agent’s Twilio number. 

How long should I let the bot talk to my leads?


The bot’s script has been perfected over millions of conversations. Most agents allow the bot to complete their conversation and take over when the bot tells them the lead is ready for hand-off.

How long does it take for my bot to start engaging with my lead?


The bot will be enabled immediately and conversations will be triggered as soon as an incoming lead or old lead who had no prior conversation with the agent responds to an SMS that is sent from the system. 

Do I customize what the bot says?


No, the bot’s script has been carefully crafted for success and is updated regularly. The cadence of communications and responses have been perfected from millions of conversations.

What’s the difference between an AI bot and a chatbot?


Chatbots follow a linear script and can’t handle unpredictable questions. The AI bot has learned from millions of conversations how to respond to normal conversations and show empathy.

What happens if a lead asks to be removed from text messages or says they are not interested?


The bot will apologize and not engage any further with the lead. However, it is highly suggested that you deactivate the bot for that lead in the lead profile SMS tab. 

If I make contact with a lead outside of my CRM will the bot know?


The bot will not know if you made contact outside of the CRM since conversation wasn't carried over your CRM phone number. 

Are there filters available to show the number of leads with active bot conversations and past bot conversations?


Yes, you are able to use the filters ‘Customer Care Bot’ and ‘Customer Care Bot Leads by State’ on your dashboard to filter your leads by bot conversations. You can also see how many remaining bot conversations you have for the month in your AI Bot Settings. 


Does AI really work?


Agents report a 2x higher appointment booking rate when they add AI to their lead qualification process.

Can the AI bot respond in multiple languages?


Currently, the bot can respond in English and Spanish. 

How do most agents use AI?


The bot is used to respond to leads at the time that home purchase is on their mind. The bot then collects all the qualifying information you need and books appointments. Many agents report that the bot manages most of their new lead bookings, freeing up their time for more high-value activities.

Does the bot delay the responses so that the lead does not think it’s automated? 


The bot delays the responses for approximately 2 minutes to create a natural feel to the conversation.

How can I organize the active and past conversations that the bot has?


The entire history of the SMS conversation is available in your CRM in the SMS tab of the lead profile. In addition, you also have a tab in the lead profile called ‘Bot Data’ where all the collected data is stored. 


What is considered a bot conversation and do they carry over into the following month? 


A bot conversation counts as the overall conversation between the bot and the lead. When the bot begins the conversation with the lead, the conversation can continue indefinitely and does not count towards future month’s conversation credits. In other words, a conversation can carry on into future months, but it will only count as a conversation credit in the month when the conversation was initiated. 


Can I enable the Bot if I do not have a CRM phone integration? 


No, you must have a CRM phone integration for the bot to be able to send out SMS messages. As a sub-user, you do not have to have your own Twilio phone number as long as the main account holder has a company twilio account enabled.  


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